Lucca, Italy, Archivio di Stato, MS 238
(Lucca Choirbook)

Provenance: By 1472 at latest, manuscript given to Lucca Cathedral by Giovanni Arnolfini, a Lucca merchant doing business in Bruges. Used by cathedral's maestro di cappella, John Hothby; several pieces added, along with some texts and notes. Original manuscript disassembled in early 17th century; folios used as binding material. In 1963-4, Reinhard Strohm recovered 56 folios from bindings of archival registers in the Archivio di Stato at Lucca, and an additional bifolio at the Biblioteca Arcivescovile at Pisa. In 1976, Agostino Ziino and Strohm recovered, respectively, three and two additional folios at the Archivio di Stato in Lucca. (DIAMM)


none - loose leaves


Other leaves from the same MS are to be found in I-Lucca Archivio Arcivescovile MS 97 r+v and I-Pisa Biblioteca Arcivescovile Cardinale Pietro Maffi Cartella 11/III.