Montecassino, Italy, Biblioteca dell'Abbazia, MS 871

Provenance: Composite of several originally separate fascicles bound together in late 17th century. Section with music possibly copied at Benedictine monastery of Ss. Severino and Sossio in Naples (Cattin 1972), or Benedictine monastery of S. Michele Arcangelo de Planciano in Gaeta (Pope/Kanazawa 1978). Owned by latter monastery in 16th century (inscription on p. 247: "Est monasterij sancti angeli palantani de gaieta signatus lettera et numero"). Brought to central monastery of Benedictine Order at Monte Cassino at an unknown time, probably in 16th or 17th century.


yellow leather over wood
Decoration: Inscription "N 871 / Martyrologium / Musica" on spine.
Leather spine of earlier (but not original) binding pasted inside present covers.