Paris, France, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds du conservatoire MS Rés. Vm7 676

Provenance: 1. Copied by or for Lodovicus Millias or Milliare: several performance instruction addressed to him: 'Verte Lodovice Millias folium pro residuum' or ' Verte Lodovice Milliare folium pro tertia parte', the word 'sopranus' erased and replaced by 'Milliar' (f. 87v); probably produced in Mantua under Francesco II Gonzaga and Isabella d'Este: St Michael, the first saint in the polyphonic litany replaced by St Peter, patron saint of Mantuan cathedral; strambotto 'O triumphale diamante' referring to Ercole I d'Este, 'Il Diamante', Duke of Ferrara, Isabella's father'; 'Turco, Turco et Isabella' referring to Francesco Gonzaga 'Il Turco' and his wife Isabella d'Este; 'Apresso il sancto ucello' referring to Griffon and Eagle, two contrade of Mantua, with a marginal note 'in ponticello (or pontello) anno 1485' referring to the bridge uniting both contrade where the piece was probably sung during the investiture of Francesco Gonzaga by the emperor on 24 February 1485; 'Anguilles, anguilles, anguillions' referring to the 'Procession of the Eels' by the guilds of Mantua on the Ascension Day (see Prizer 1991); 2. Purchased by the Bibliothèque nationale in 1935 from Arthur Rau, Paris bookseller.


brown leather over , with clasps
Decoration: Stamped interlaced decoration and like flowers; four brass corner pieces and middle piece, front and back, traces of clasps
none edges
Endpapers: front and back: 2 endpapers with pastedowns
Probably original.