Basel, Switzerland, Öffentliche Bibliothek der Universität, MS F X 10
(Liederbuch des Ambrosius Kettenacker)

Provenance: Written by or made for Ambrosius Kettenacker in Basel in the early years of the 16th century. Given by Kettenacker to Bonifatius Amerbach in 1510 (as documented on the back wrapper: 'Ambrosius Ketenacker Dono dedit Bonifacio Amorbachio Basiliensi hos libellulos quatuor Anno M D X'. Possibly later in the possession of Hans Kotter.


1970, Basel, Switzerland
grey linen over pasteboard
no edges
Endpapers: front and back: 1 (modern, with pastedown)
Rebound 1970, preserving the original wrapper (ff. 1 and 20)