Regensburg, Germany, Bischöfliche Zentralbibliothek, MS C 120 (olim D XII)
(Codex Pernner)

Provenance: Early 1520s (Staehelin 1977). According to Birkendorf 1994, started at the court chapel of Maximilian I and completed at the convent of St. Anna in Augsbug in 1520-1. Early (but probably not original) owner was Peter Pernner (inscriptions on p. 1: "Petrus pernner est meus possessor"; "Mein fruntlichen grues bist von mier mein lieber fra[n]cisc[us?] …"; "Meinen besunndern guetem frannt peter pernner gehört das gesangpuech zu seinen Hanndenn"). Owned in 19th century by Johann Georg Mettenleiter, director of Old Chapel choir in Regensburg, and by Johann's brother Dominicus; came into Proske collection after Dominicus' death in 1868.


1521, Augsburg, Germany
brown leather over wood, with clasps
Decoration: blind tooled and stamped (back)
no edges
Endpapers: front: 2 (bifolium), back: 1 (bifolium with pastedown)