Rome, Italy, Biblioteca Casanatense, MS 2856 (olim O.V. 208)

Provenance: Copied in Ferrara; prepared as gift for Isabella d'Esté, honoring her betrothal (1480) and marriage (1490) to Gian Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua. Possibly the "libro da canto figurato che scripse e notò Don Alessandro Signorello a la pifaresca" which Èrcole I d'Esté, Duke of Ferrara, commissioned for illumination by workshop of Andrea de le Viese in 1485 (Wolff 1970). Later owned by Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni (1657-1743), director of the Cappella Giulia; willed to the Jesuit Collegio Germanico in Rome. After suppression of the order, the musical library dispersed. Next known owner of manuscript was the musicologist Giuseppe Baini (1775-1844); bequeathed by Baini to Biblioteca Casanatense. (CCM)


19th century, Rome, Italy
cream vellum over wood
Decoration: none
gilt edges
Endpapers: front and back: 2 endpapers with pastedown; front one additional older flyleaf, part of stamped foliation