St Gall, Switzerland, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 461
(Sicher Liederbuch)

Provenance: 1. Previously assumed to be of Netherlandish or Italian origin, now considered to be in the hand of Fridolin Sicher (1490-1546), organist of Benedictine monastery at Saint Gall (Fallows 1996 and Scarpatetti 2008). Completed in in 1545 as witnessed by Sicher's inscription on p. 1: 'Liber Fridolini Sicherij canonici capituli Zellensis nee non capellani S. JacobĂ­ et organiste in Sancto Gallo 1545'. 2. Presumably came into the possession of the Stiftsbibliothek after Sicher's death in 1546.


16th century, St Gall, Switzerland
brown leather over pasteboard, with clasps
Decoration: blind tooled and stamped with ornamental designs
no edges
Endpapers: none
Only traces of clasps remain