St Gall, Switzerland, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 464

Provenance: 1. Earliest layers possibly copied in Basel. 2. Partbooks acquired c. 1540 by Aegidius Tschudi (1505-1572) of Glarus (inscription on B f. [ii]: "Aegidius Scudus Glareanus Helvetius possessor"). 3. Tschudi added last two pieces of music, some analytical material, and several tables of modes based on theoretical concepts of Heinrich Glareanus, with whom Tschudi had studied in Basel. 4. Manuscript belonged to Tschudi family until 1767, then sold by Baron Leodegar Tschudi to Benedictine monastery at Saint Gall.


18th century, St Gall, Switzerland
light brown paper (spine leather) over pasteboard
no edges
Endpapers: front and back: 1 endpaper with pastedown
Similar to other volumes from the Tschudi collection