Modena, Italy, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria, alpha.X.1.11 (Lat. 471; olim VI.H.15)
(Modena B)

Provenance: According to Hamm/Scott 1972, made in Ferrara, for use at the court chapel of Leonello d'Este (Marquis of Ferrara 1441-50); according to Haar/Nadas 2008, made in Florence for the chapel of the cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore and then taken taken by the singer and copyist Benedictus Sirede ('Benotto di Francia') to Ferrara in 1448. Later additions during reigns of Borso d'Este (Duke of Ferrara 1450-71) and Ercole I d'Este (Duke of Ferrara 1471-1505). Este family library transferred from Ferrara to Modena in 1598; joined to Modena university library in 1892.


modern, Modena, Italy
red leather over pasteboard
golden brown edges
Endpapers: front and back: 1 endpaper with pastedown