Florence, Italy, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, MS II.I.232 (olim Magliabechi XIX.58)

Provenance: 1. the Gaddi library, begun by Angelo di Zanobi Gaddi (d. 1474); 2. sold by Gasparo Gaddi in 1755: former shelfmark 'Gaddi N. 1113'; 3. purchased with the Gaddi library by Francis I (Francis Stephen), Grand Duke of Tuscany and Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1708, d. 1865) and donated by him to the Biblioteca Magliabechiana; 4. the Biblioteca Magliabechiana, in 1861 formed the core of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale: bookplate with the former shelfmark 'Magl. XIX. 58' and a note 'Provenienza Gaddi no. 1113' (pasted inside the front cover).


late 20th century, Florence, Italy
cream parchment over pasteboard
no edges
Endpapers: front and back: 4 endpapers from modern binding
Rebound using late-19th-century parchment covers at a restoration, presumably after the flooding of the Biblioteca Nazionale (there is visible water damage on most folios) but before 1979 (when RISM mentions the codex as being restored) during which the codex was taken apart entirely, all pages cleaned and laminated and subsequently rebound. Remains of leather straps (1 of 4 remaining)