London, Great Britain, British Library, MS Additional 5465, All folios

Physical description

Material: parchment and paper (mixed)

Number of leaves: vi + 124 + xi

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 297 x 215

Quire structure: Text version

Index / Table of Contents: No index, except for note on f. 1r listing (with one error) piece numbers of Fayrfax works in manuscript.

Colophon: f. 1r: 'E libris Rad. Thoresby Leodiensis'; 'Robertus Fayrfax Doctor in Musicus iacet sepultus in ecclesia monasteriali Sancti Albani' (with Fayrfax's crest)

Other devices: 1. Original numbering of pieces in red ink, i-li (organ piece not numbered; #vii and #xvii now missing).
2. Two systems of modern pencil foliation: first system, 1-145 (crossed out by hand which added second system), includes some modern flyleaves and all inserted paper folios; second system, 1-124, includes only original folios.

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Preparation and Copying

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