London, Great Britain, Royal College of Music, MS 1070, All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: 134

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 287 x 190

Quire structure: Text version

Non-musical texts: Inscription on f. 79: "Mris A Bolleyne nowe thus," followed by musical motto of three minims and a longa.
Inscription on f. 116v : "Tuo te pede metire. Nosce teipsum ut noris quam sit tibi curta suppellex."
Inscription on f. 134v: "This MSS. is about 250 years old." Below this, a different hand has written: "that is in the year 1540."

Other devices: 1. Modern foliation pencil top right (William Barclay Squire, 1920s), 1-134.
2. Modern pagination pencil top centre (John Stafford Smith, late 18th or early 19th century), 1-267.

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

103-132 1-102 133-134