Paris, France, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds du conservatoire MS Rés. Vm7 676, All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: ii + 116 + ii

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 240 x 170

Quire structure: Text version

Colophon: Several indication of date: '4 octubris (f. 9r), '8 octubris' (f. 25r), '10 octubris' (f. 33r), '11 octubris' (f. 41r), '13 octubris' (f. 49r), '15 octubris' (f. 57r), '16 octubris' (f. 65r), '21 octubris' (f. 89r), '26 octubris' (f. 118r), 'finis laus deo 26 0ctubris 1502' (f. 124v [123v]).

Other devices: 1. Quire signatures, on front leaves of bifolia only, recto bottom right : ff. 9-12: b, bii, biii, biiii; ff. 17-20: c, cii, ciii, ciiii; ff. 25-28: di, dii, diii, diiii; ff. 33-36: e, eii, eiii, eiiii; ff. 41-44: f, fii, fiii, fiiii; ff. 49-52: g, gii, giii, giiii; ff. 56-59: h, hii, hiii, hiiii; ff. 65-68: I. Iii, Iiii, Iiiii; ff. 73-76: k, kii, kiii, kiiii; ff. 81-84: l, lii, liii, liiii; ff. 89-93: m, mii, miii, miiii, miiiii; ff. 100-103: n, nii, niii, niiii; ff. 108-112: 0, oii, oiii,oiiii, oiiiii; ff. 118-121: p. pi, pii, piii, piiii.
2. Foliation, earlier but probably not contemporary, recto top right, 9-125 (99 missing, 123 and 124 reversed, later corrected)
3. Watermarks 'l'ecu dente', Briquet no. 886, Bologna and Ferrara 1500, and 'le Mont', Briquet no. 11712, Bologna, 1482.

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