Paris, France, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds latin MS 16664 (olim Sorbonne 1479), All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: iii + iii + 99 + iii

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 212 x 142

Quire structure: Text version

Non-musical texts: Collection of chants, prayers and treatises on music, including: an anonymous text on music (ff. 2r-3r); chants in German, incipit: 'Iesus ist em suesser', some with music (f. 4r); devotional chants and prayers predominantly to St Bernardin of Siena and the Virgin (ff. 4v-6v), with plainchant on f. 6v; fragment of John Peckham?, Philomena, title: Incipit cantus philomene; incipit: 'Philomena brevia temporis ameni' (ff. 7r-7v); extract from a printed book, Conradus de Zabernia, De modo bene cantandi choralem cantum, incipit: 'De modo irreprehensibiliter legendi in choro' [printed in Mainz 1474] (ff. 8r- 8r, 9v) with notes on music in Latin (ff. 8v-11r), plainchant fragments (ff. 9r, 9v, 10v) and diagrams; devotional texts and prayers (ff. 13r-15r); extract from a printed book Conradus de Zabernia, Tractatus de musica, 'Cum ut quidam sapiens ait' (ff. 15bis-26r); diagram of the gamut (f. 26v); notes with plainchant (ff. 27r-36r); Guido of Arezzo, Micrologus (ff. 36r-39v); Summula musice (sometimes attributed to Guido of Arezzo), incipit: ‘Dat de psallendi metis pariterque canendi’ (ff. 39v-43v); tract attributed to Guido of Arezzo, incipit : ‘Incipit opus Guidonis’ (ff. 45v-47v), with notes and plainchant fragments (ff. 44r-45r, 47v-61v); Tract on contrapunct, incipit: ‘Item notandum quod septem sunt reformationes in manu videlicet’ (62r-85v), including examples of polyphonic settings (ff. 82r-85v).

Other devices: 1. Modern ink foliation recto top right, 1-15; 15bis-98.
2. Quire/leaf signatures: 'b' (f. 63r); 'c' (f. 64r); 'b' (f. 71r).

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