Paris, France, Bibliothèque Nationale, nouvelles acquisitions françaises MS 4379, 1-42

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: iii + 92 + iii

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 207 x 154

Quire structure: Text version

Other devices: 1. Quire/leaf signatures on lower right rectos, a1-r8 in the original manuscript of 188 folios of which here remain e2-e11, f4-f12, g1, h2-h11, n2-n12, o1; remaining folios are now Seville, Biblioteca colombina, Ms. C 5-1-43; 8 original folios (a10, b6-b10, f3, g2) are now missing.
2. Original ink numbering of pieces recto top right, 1-164 (sometimes mistakenly construed as foliation).
3. Modern ink foliation recto top right, 1-92.

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

1-19, 21-30, 42 20, 31-41