Perugia, Italy, Biblioteca Comunale Augusta, MS 3314 (I.M. 1079 (1-3)), All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: D: 21

Format: oblong

Page dimensions: 160 x 230

Index / Table of Contents: Original index of Festa madrigals on new f. 15 lists pieces in order of appearance.

Non-musical texts: "Hieronymi Muti de pappazuris" (inscription on first folio).

Other devices: 1. Modern pencil foliation recto top right, 1-51, comprising both the print 1514/1 and the manuscript additions. Manuscript music on ff. 17-20 and 36-50.
2. Modern pencil foliation recto bottom right, comprising only the manuscript appendix at the end, 1-16.
3. Piece numbering ink at top of page, i-13 (mixed Roman and Arabic numerals), comprising only the first 13 pieces in the appendix

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

All folios