Seville, Spain, Biblioteca Capitular y Colombina, MS 5-5-20 (olim Z Tab. 137, N.° 25), 39-66

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: i + 28

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 276 x 205

Quire structure: Text version

Index / Table of Contents: Incomplete original index on verso of first folio (endleaf); pieces grouped as "Salves" and "Motetes de la Salve."

Non-musical texts: Second fascicle of a composite volume containing various non-musical and musical items, including a theoretical treatise by Pietro de Cannuzi. In this fascicle, prayers on f. 1v.

Other devices: 1. Original foliation, ink recto top right, i-xxviii (excludes first folio (endleaf); f. 16 now missing). [used here]
2. Modern foliation of polyphonic section, pencil recto top right, 1-28 (starting on endleaf)
3. Modern foliation of entire volume, pencil recto bottom right, 39-66.

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Preparation and Copying

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