Modena, Italy, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria, alpha.X.1.11 (Lat. 471; olim VI.H.15), All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: i + 139 + i

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 412 x 290

Quire structure: Text version

Index / Table of Contents: 1. Original table of contents with incipits, entries until f. 45 (original foliation) missing with first three folios.
2. Modern table of contents in pencil on front endpaper, complementing origina table

Other devices: 1. Original quire signatures brown ink recto bottom right (sometimes partly trimmed off), a1-e1 ... a15-e15.
2. Original foliation red ink recto top right, I-CXXXVI corresponding to 4-139 (table of contents not included).
3. Modern foliation pencil recto top right, 1-139.

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

1-3 (Index) 24v-139 4-24r