Munich, Germany, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Musica MS F (= MaiM 3), All folios

Physical description

Material: parchment

Number of leaves: i + 116 + i

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 375 x 275

Quire structure: Text version

Non-musical texts: Inscription inside modern front cover indicates that the following was written inside original back cover and removed when book was rebound: "Authore Ildephonso Morales Spagnol / Brüssel Majestro di Capella." Another inscription, only partially decipherable, on f. 118: "Ego dono Georgii Schnevogli Decani ad S. Joanne Baptista in monte … Caeremoniarii et organoedi aulici … 23 Jan … 1717."

Other devices: 1. Modern pencil foliation rectop top right (J. J. Maier), 3-118 (ff. 1-2 missing).
Heraldic emblems of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII (pomegranate, greyhound, dragon, on ff. 3, 86v, 104v, respectively).

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Preparation and Copying

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