Florence, Italy, Biblioteca Riccardiana, MS 2356, All folios

Physical description

Material: parchment

Number of leaves: i + 100 + i

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 230 x 168

Quire structure: Text version

Index / Table of Contents: 1. original alphabetical index, ff. 1v-3r

Non-musical texts: f. 1r: notes […]
ff. 3r-4r: various notes regarding visitors etc., partly with dates
f. 4r: Gudonian hand with various solmisation instructions (also partly on f. 3v)
ff. 4v-5r: Inventory of Andrea Sardelli's books, 1550
ff. 92v-93r: various notes, mostly regarding basic musical theory, including Guidonian hand in f. 93r.
ff. 95v-98r: various notes and scribblings, some with musical notation.
f. 100v: Italian poem: 'Tu say ben che in pene amare'

Other devices: 1. Original foliation, red ink recto top middle, I-LXXIII (lacking numbers XI-XX). Original index also only including pieces up to that point, with later additions), not including index.
2. Older foliation, brown ink recto top right, 1-102 (lacking numbers 11-20), not including index.
3. Modern foliation, stamped recto bottom right, 1-100.

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Preparation and Copying

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