PRoMs - The Production and Reading of Music Sources

Mise-en-page in manuscripts and printed books containing polyphonic music, 1480—1530

Manuscript: Uppsala, Sweden, Universitetsbiblioteket, MS Vokalmusik i Handskrift 76b

Manuscript type: choirbook

RISM siglum: S-Uu 76b

DIAMM Source Key: 2612

Image repositories: Alvin

Folio(s): All folios

Date: c. 1515-35

see Bernstein 1982, McCracken. Lute tablature added in second half of 16th century.

Location of origin: Troyes, France


Of French origin (Bernstein 1982); possibly copied in Troyes or vicinity. Early (original?) owner was Thomas Gillesson, a priest of the Troyes diocese (inscriptions on f. 2 and rear pastedown).

Basis for description: original

Uppsala, Sweden, Universitetsbiblioteket, MS Vokalmusik i Handskrift 76b, All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: 166

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 277 x 192

Quire structure: Text version

Non-musical texts: owner's inscription on 2v and rear pastedown

Other devices: 1. Modern pencil foliation recto bottom right, 1-166 including endpapers

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

1-62, 87-88, 95-97, 128


Disposition of Voice Parts Key

Pricking never
Ruled grid never,
no lines
Ruling pattern fairly regular
ruled freehand, sometimes uneven, not parallel, slightly varying in distance
Staves omitted from grid never
Incomplete staves never
Medium and colour of grid Frequency Folios Note
n/a always
Colour of staves Frequency Folios Note
black always
Ruling medium Frequency Folios Note
straightedge always
Indentation for initials Frequency Folios Note
single normally normally 1st and 7th stave indented, sometimes 8th instead of 7th, for missing initials
Extra space between voice parts Frequency Folios Note
empty ruled staves on grid often
Space provided for separate text Frequency Folios Note
no separate text always
Adhoc adaptation Frequency Folios Note
Indentation for initials filled in often
63-77, 112-127
78r-v, 80v, 81v-82r, 83r, 85r-v
79r-80r, 81r, 82v, 83v-84v, 86r-v, 89-94, 98-111, 129-162