PRoMs - The Production and Reading of Music Sources

Mise-en-page in manuscripts and printed books containing polyphonic music, 1480—1530

Manuscript: Berlin, Germany, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, MS Mus. 40091 (olim Z 91)

Manuscript type: choirbook

RISM siglum: D-B 40091

DIAMM Source Key: 1582

Folio(s): All folios

Date: c. 1516

(Staehelin 1970)

Location of origin: Rome, Italy


Probably copied for the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome (Staehelin 1970).


Person: Anonymous, Anonymous
Person type: scribe

Basis for description: original

Berlin, Germany, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, MS Mus. 40091 (olim Z 91), All folios

Physical description

Material: paper

Number of leaves: i + 157 + i

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 528 x 390

Quire structure: Text version

Title page / Frontispiece: none

Index / Table of Contents: none

Colophon: none

Non-musical texts: none

Other devices: 1. Modern library foliation, pencil top right, 1-157
2. Early (near contemporary) foliation, brown ink bottom right, 1-102, 104-158, often partly or entirely trimmed off

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

All folios


Disposition of Voice Parts Key

Pricking none visible
Ruled grid always,
no bounding lines, but very regular; sometimes text on single lead-point line
Ruling pattern highly regular
Staves omitted from grid never
Incomplete staves never
Medium and colour of grid Frequency Folios Note
n/a always
Colour of staves Frequency Folios Note
brown always
Ruling medium Frequency Folios Note
single rastrum always
Indentation for initials Frequency Folios Note
double often c. 3-4 cm (6-7 cm at the beginning of masses), ruled individually for the beginnings of masses and movements or principal sections. Sometimes miscalculated.
single normally c. 3-4 cm, ruled individually for the beginnings of voice parts, for sections, subsections and even residua. Sometimes miscalculated. On ff. 141r-156r always on staves 1 and 6.
none rarely 138-139
Extra space between voice parts Frequency Folios Note
empty ruled staves on grid often
Space provided for separate text Frequency Folios Note
no separate text always

Copying of text and music

Language(s) Latin
Order of Copying music first
Presence/absence of text Voice part Frequency Folios Note
fully texted with one text all voice parts always
Colour(s) of notation brown
Type(s) of notation void mensural
Type of notation note rhomboid-shaped notation
Monophonic notation absent
Level of calligraphy high
Non verbal performance instructions Folios Note
signes-de-renvoi 33v-34r
Line fillers Folios Note
Types of script textura
Types of script note with cursive elements. One main scribe, two different scribes for last mass (ff. 138-157)
Level of calligraphy high
Colour(s) of text brown
Multiple texts no
Text repetitions fairly few
Abbreviations some
Non underlaid vocal text none
Liminary text Composer designation: 1v, 18v, 38v, 57v; Title: 1v, 18v; Voice designation: 1v, 64v, 68v, 80v-81r; Tacet instruction: 12v, 17r, 22v, 26v-27r, 27v, 31v-32r, 35v-36r, 50v, 52v, 54v, 68v-69r, 69v-70r, 77v, 97v, 99v, 101v-102r, 106v-107r, 113v-114r, 115v, 117v-118r, 132v, 156v-157r; Duo: 16v-17r, 26v-27r, 31v-32r, 35v-36r, 80v-81r, 101v-102r, 106v-107r, 113v-114r, 117v-118r, 136v-137r, 156v-157r; Canon instruction: 15v, 77r, 82r


Level of Decoration fair
Decoration initial type Frequency Folios Initial type(s) Size position Description Discrepancies
penned initials always calligraphic , calligraphic with grotesque heads, flourished at the beginning of all masses, sections, subsections and residua, over two lines at the beginning of masses and some principal sections, over one line elsewhere cadel-type calligraphic initials, of varying but overall modest elaboration, ranging from near-plain to moderately flourished initials, some with floral or plant motives, rarely with grotesque heads. Some highlighted with pink/red wash. All initials represent the first letter of the first word of the sung text