PRoMs - The Production and Reading of Music Sources

Mise-en-page in manuscripts and printed books containing polyphonic music, 1480—1530

Manuscript: Barcelona, Spain, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M. 251 (olim 250)

Manuscript type: monophonic manuscript with interpolated polyphony

RISM siglum: E-Bbc 251

DIAMM Source Key: 61

Image repositories: DIAMM

Folio(s): 137v-139r, 140v-143r

Date: c. 1490

Location of origin: Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Monasterio de San Jerónimo de Murtra.


Anglès 1936a, 236; Census-Catalogue, I, 17; Urchuegúia 2003, 8, 83f, 88, 107, 164, 231, 283–6.

Basis for description: original

Barcelona, Spain, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M. 251 (olim 250), 137v-139r, 140v-143r

Physical description

Material: parchment and paper (mixed)

Number of leaves: iii + 146 + iii

Format: upright

Page dimensions: 215 x 142

Quire structure: Text version

Index / Table of Contents: Partial table of contents on first parchment folio, unfoliated (folio before f. 1).

Non-musical texts: Ordo sepeliendum secularum defunctum vel defunctam. (verso of first parchment folio, immediately before f. 1)

Other devices: Old foliation 1–144 beginning after 3 modern endleaves and one leaf with table of contents.

Page details (zoom):

Preparation and Copying

All folios


Disposition of Voice Parts Key

Pricking none visible,
Numerous small holes are present in the surface of this manuscript; on f. 144 a hole in the upper margin falls exactly on the outer justification line: it is unclear whether this was a pricking hole or whether the position is a coincidence.
Ruled grid always,
Now faint.
Ruling pattern highly regular
The grid includes vertical justification lines, and six pairs of horizontal rulings, one for each line of text.
Staves omitted from grid never
Incomplete staves never
Medium and colour of grid Frequency Folios Note
brown ink and hard point normally The grid, now faint, appears to have been made with a pen with very little ink, sometimes leaving an ink mark and sometimes just leaving a ruled mark.
Colour of staves Frequency Folios Note
red always
Ruling medium Frequency Folios Note
single rastrum always 19mm
Indentation for initials Frequency Folios Note
none always
Extra space between voice parts Frequency Folios Note
none always
Space provided for separate text Frequency Folios Note
no separate text always
Adhoc adaptation Frequency Folios Note
notation extended into margin rarely 141v, 142r
staveline added rarely 137v, 138v

Copying of text and music

Language(s) Latin
Order of Copying text first
Presence/absence of text Voice part Frequency Folios Note
fully texted with one text tenor sometimes 137v-139r
provided with single incipit all except tenor sometimes 137v-139r
fully texted with one text all voice parts sometimes 140v-143r
Colour(s) of notation dark brown
Type(s) of notation void mensural
Type of notation note rhomboid noteheads
Monophonic notation present
137v, 141r, 142r, 143r,
There appear to be incipits of chant in one voice only, although the notation appears somewhat mensural this may in fact be incipits of some other monophonic music.
Level of calligraphy fair
Non verbal performance instructions Folios Note
signes-de-renvoi 137v-139r extended custodes
coronae 138v-139r rare
Line fillers Folios Note
Later changes Folios
first notes of tenor part erased and corrected 138v
Types of script hybrida
Level of calligraphy high
Colour(s) of text dark brown
Multiple texts no
Text repetitions few
Abbreviations few
Non underlaid vocal text none
Liminary text Tenor and contratenor voice parts named on ff. 137v-138r; otherwise no liminary text,


Level of Decoration poor
Decoration miniature frequency Folios Size position Description Discrepancies
Decoration border frequency Border type Folios Size Position Description Discrepancies
never None None
Decoration initial type Frequency Folios Initial type(s) Size position Description Discrepancies
penned initials always calligraphic 1 stave tall, before stave (no indentation); crosses stave if new section starts midline. Small calligraphic initials at the start of each voice part (ff. 137v-139r) and start of the phrases of the Credo (ff. 140v-141r).
Other decoration frequency Folios Other decoration type(s) Size position Description Discrepancies