PRoMs - The Production and Reading of Music Sources

Mise-en-page in manuscripts and printed books containing polyphonic music, 1480—1530

Manuscript: Florence, Italy, Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, MS Basevi 2442

Manuscript type: partbooks (incomplete set)

RISM siglum: I-Fc 2442

DIAMM Source Key: 246

Image repositories: Internet Culturale

Basis for description: original

Florence, Italy, Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, MS Basevi 2442
(Strozzi Chansonnier)


1. Bernardo di Jacopo Rinuccini, perhaps prepared at his instigation for presentation to Filippo Strozzi (b. 1489, d. 1538), Florentine patrician and banker, in 1527, the year of Strozzi's triumphal entry to Florence or thereafter during his voluntary exile from the city: inscription E'x liberalitate Bernardi Renuccini' (16th century, Tenor partbook f. Iv); golden crescent on the covers perhaps refer to the Strozzi arms (see Brown 1966); 2. Abramo Basevi (b. 1818, d. 1885) Italian musicologist and composer: bequeathed in his last will with his entire collection of books and manuscripts to the library of the Regio Istituto Musicale di Firenze, now Conservatorio di Musica 'Luigi Cherubini'.


16th century, Florence, Italy
brown leather over wood
Decoration: tooled floral ornament with gilt part designation and four crescents in corners
gilt edges
Endpapers: front and back: 1 endpaper with pastedown
All three volumes were rebound in modern bindings which use virtually identical original covers with ribbons, differentiated only by titles in gold letters 'CANTUS', 'TENOR' and 'ALTUS'. A stamp 'Latteri & Betti Restauratori Firenze' (back pastedown) records conservation works.